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How long do you wait for your money?

Billing lawn mowing clients and being paid in a timely matter can be a monthly battle if you don’t set up a system that makes sense and is relatively standard across the industry. Too many new landscapers will go out and buy expensive equipment, take their time to perform the work, and then wait and [...]

Should I refund this lawn care clients money?

Have you ever been in a situation where a lawn care customer signed up for a year’s worth of lawn care at a discounted monthly price and then backed out of the agreement half way through the year? Any time you are using annual contracts, this kind of thing can happen. How should you handle [...]

Dealing with lawn care customers that don’t want contracts.

A new mowing business may find itself having a difficult time getting customers to sign a mowing contract. If that is the case for consider this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Getting customers to sign up when you are new can be tough but there are definite benefits to it. If you [...]

Do you bill your lawn care customers monthly?

When it comes to when you should bill your lawn care customers, there are many variations as we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum but there is one important lesson to learn. The faster you are paid, the better it is for you. If you can get paid before [...]

Best way to invoice your lawn care customers.

You might think that invoicing and billing customers would be a priority for most every lawn care business owner. However as we will see from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, this is yet another issue that tends to take time to get figured out by the new entrepreneur. There are many [...]

5 lawn care business startup questions.

Sure you may have a lot of questions when you are starting up your lawn care business but here is a great collection of 5 questions one new entrepreneur had. He asked them on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and got a few great responses to help better direct him as he sets off [...]

How to handle a lawn care customer you never met.

Lawn care customers dream up some pretty amazing requests, situations, and scenarios. The quicker you can deal with them, the smoother the situation will go. Here is a great example of a crazy situation as discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Once you read it, you will be better prepared to handle such [...]

Lawn care business success tips.

As you get your lawn care business started, do you ever just feel like winging it and seeing where things go? Or do you feel that you should be planning things out more? From this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we will see how having a lawn care business plan can really [...]

Lawn care business growth tips and things to avoid.

Where do most lawn care businesses get tripped up when it comes to growth? It seems the big answers are, growing too fast and losing money due to non-payments. Here are some great lawn care business lessons from a veteran who has had a lot of ups and downs in his entrepreneurial career thus far. [...]

Lawn care customer warning signs.

Are there certain warning signs you look for when interacting with a new lawn care customer for the first time? If not, you probably haven’t been burnt by a customer yet. For those that have, they notice certain similar warning signs that they use to read if a lawn care customer is going to be [...]

How to deal with a lawn care customer’s bounced check.

As if running a lawn care business wasn’t tough enough, how should you handle a situation where your lawn care customer pays you with a check and when you go to try and cash the check, it bounces? In such situations, you can get hit with a bounced check fee from the bank, that can [...]

Should you lock yourself into a multi-year lawn care contract?

Should you lock yourself into a one year or multi-year lawn care contract? What about taking a customer’s money who offers to pre-pays for the entire year? That’s the question one lawn care business owner had on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. There are a bunch of variables you need to consider before you [...]

Newbie lawn care business start up tips.

New start up lawn care business owners normally have many questions to ask. Here are a few questions that were asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

How to make sure you get paid from your landscaping jobs.

The first rule you should learn when it comes to running your lawn care or landscaping business is never lose money. The second rule is to not forget the first rule. With that said, many lawn care and landscaping business at some time, lose money on a job and some times it is big money. [...]

What lawn care billing frequency works best?

There are so many different ways to bill your lawn care customers, the number of choices can make your head spin. What methods works well for some lawn care may not work so well for others. There are many factors to consider when you are creating your billing frequency.

When should you offer discounts on lawn care?

A great question came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. It was on the topic of when should you offer lawn care customers, a discount. Should they be offered a discount if they pay in cash? Or what about a discount to seal the deal if they are on the fence?Do discounts help [...]

Accounts receivable is a silent business killer.

All too often, accounts receivable, is over looked by new lawn care business owners. When a new lawn care business owner is just getting started, they figure they would rather be working than not working. So as long as they are working, they feel like it is money in the bank. But it is so [...]

Having lawn care customers pay with post dated checks?

Do you have troubles getting paid from your lawn care customers after you mow their yard? This is a big problem that can easily sink a lawn care business. But what should you do about it? What’s the best way to handle this situation? Have you considered post dated checks? One lawn care business owner [...]

How to beat underpriced lawn care businesses.

Have you noticed more lawn care business owners in your area starting up? Do you find they tend to try and compete solely on price? Is it difficult for you to make a profit on lawn care when others are offering to cut lawns for $15? If so, here is some great insight from the [...]

Should I go with a signed or verbal lawn care agreement?

There are a lot of new lawn care business owners just getting started this year due to many economic factors. Because they are new, they don’t know where they can get away with using a verbal agreement when providing lawn care services or when they need to use a signed agreement. I want to use [...]

How to find lawn care clients when business is slow.

The lawn care and landscaping industry is a seasonal business. Each season brings about a change in the environment which effects what services you can or can’t offer. In the winter months, customers will also be looking to spend their money for holiday gifts. So with all this going on, how can you make sales [...]

How to get customers for your lawn care business - New Lawn Care Business Book

One of the top questions asked on the Gopher Forum is how to get new customers. Well I wanted to answer this question as best as possible and I put together two new books. If you are looking to gain more lawn care customers this Summer and who isn’t, check out my brand new books [...]

How to get your customer base to sign up on your lawn care contract.

Greenmind jumped onto our Gopher Lawn Care Business forum and asked “I have about 35 maintenance customers that are either biweekly or weekly accounts.  Last year was my first year full time and non of my customers except for 5  of the 35 accounts stayed with me through the winter months. Most accounts were average [...]

Should you place a referral ad in your invoice?

Emerald Green Lawn Care jumped on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum to ask if it would be a good idea to include an advertisement in their invoice to promote their referral program.

I liked the concept and brought it up in a GopherHaul Podcast. We talked about it for a little while and Chestin from [...]

How to get lawn care customers to prepay for the entire year.

One of our friends, Becca, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum wrote to us:
“Ok, I’ll ask one more question then leave you guys alone. We have heard that a lot of companies in this area offer their customers a discount if they pay the entire season in full before the season starts. [...]