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Lawn care business uniforms and truck signs.

Creating an image your company projects is something that tends to separate the startups from the more veteran businesses. The better your image, the more confident the new customers will be in choosing you to provide them with the services they need. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get some [...]

Lawn care marketing and making money.

What marketing methods work best? Figuring this out can take a lot of time and energy. A short cut to finding success quicker than spending a lot of time experimenting is to read what works for others and then implement those suggestions. Here we have a great collection of methods, from the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Should lawn care employees be paid for their travel time?

When it comes to paying lawn care employees, there are many ways you can do it. The more complex the process is, the more opportunities there are for problems. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, keeping things simple with all parts of your operations is always the [...]

Focusing on small properties brought this lawn care business good profits.

There is always time to improve your lawn care company and focus on a niche. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one middle aged lawn care entrepreneur turned his life around with a focused vision and a desire to improve his presentation. I hope his story inspires [...]

Are your lawn care employees ‘wildcatting?’

Do you have lawn care employees that are out mowing lawns during the day? If so, do you have any way of tracking what they are doing or where they are going? If not, you may be in for a rude awakening. This discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was an eye opener [...]

How important is image for a lawn care business?

Does appearance matter when you pull up in front of a new potential lawn care customer’s house to give an estimate? Do you need to show up with a brand new truck or can you show up in an old beat up one? Does the customer mind either way? What about the way your lawn [...]

What to wear to a lawn care estimate?

We’ve all heard the saying you only get one chance to make a first impression, but what should a lawn care business owner be doing to create the best first impression they can? How should they dress when meeting up with a client for a lawn care estimate and how quickly should they respond to [...]

Top 5 reasons why lawn care businesses fail.

Why do most lawn care businesses fail? I see this question posted quite a bit on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Sure there are many answers or reasons why, but I thought this response really nailed some key issues that are very important to keep focused on. As you read it, you may think, [...]

My lawn care business is blowing up!

It’s amazing the difference a year can make for a business owner. Especially when that year is your first year in business. The first year can be so extremely tough in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the lessons one lawn care business owner learned over his first year that helped him [...]

Two simple keys to success in the lawn care industry.

How do I get new lawn care customers? How can I find more success in the lawn care industry? These are two of the big questions we often see on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. What amazes me is that all too often, business owners are looking for some secret to doing this when [...]

Looking unsafe can get your lawn care company fired.

You may not think at first glance a lawn care customer pays much attention to the safety precautions you either take or ignore when working on their property, but they do. People keep track of when you take trimmer guards off or mower guards. They know what can happen when these devices are taken off [...]

More secrets on winning over a property manager.

Here is the follow up conversation I had with a property manager on the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum. He shared with me some really important insights you must know as a lawn care business owner if you want to win him or others in the industry over and get them to accept your bid.
I [...]

Lawn Care Business Uniforms.

One simple way to easily make your lawn care business stand out from others is to wear a uniform. The more outrageous the colors, the more attention you will attract. But in general, most small lawn care businesses don’t wear lawn care uniforms. So the simple act of wearing one will make you stand out.
One [...]

Your lawn care business image is everything.

A new lawn care business owner on the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum is trying to get his business off the ground. He is stationed at a military base and ran into a few problems which he was looking for help on. He wrote “Well I had this feeling I would run into issues and [...]

Would you go with the name B.S. Lawn Care?

Here is a really interesting question that was posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One of our friends wrote in and he had this idea for his new lawn care business name. His name is Brian S. and he was asking “What do you guys think about naming the business B.S. Lawn Care???? [...]

How important are signs on your lawn care truck and trailer?

How important is it to have signs and marketing material on your landscaping truck and trailer? This is a very good question that was asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A member wrote “things are really taking off here this Spring and it has has been crazy in a good way. My question [...]

Marketing your lawn care business outward from the center.

With the economy taking a down turn, there are going to be many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to get started with their own business. A lot of times people will think about starting their own business but if they have a full time job, the job will most likely take priority over starting a business. [...]

Lawn care business advice from a 15 year old entrepreneur.

I know there are a lot of teenagers who are avid readers of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I am sure they are constantly looking for inspiration. One of our forum members who is 15 years old has given us some great insight after ending his first full season running his lawn care [...]

What will make your lawn care business look professional and make you more money.

When you are starting and running a lawn care business, you might think you have an idea what your customers want and what they don’t care about. From what I have read on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it seems like the difference between what your lawn care customers want and what you think [...]