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Gaining lawn care customers with a route sales company.

Here is an interesting look at how route sales companies work, the pros and cons to using them, and if they are worth while. At first glance you may think this concept is insane for many reasons. This company discussed seems to charge a lot per lawn care customer and sells the lawn service for [...]

Should you move lawn care customers to make your route more efficient?

Have you taken the time to sit down and think about your lawn care route? Is it an efficient route that allows you to mow customers that live in the same neighborhoods on the same day? Or is your route a mess that causes you to have to drive all around town every day of [...]

What do you eat for lunch on your lawn mowing route?

Working all day mowing lawns is demanding on your body and requires you to eat a healthy amount of calories to make up for all the work you do. But what should you eat when you are out mowing lawns all day? Should you simply stop at the nearest fast food restaurant for a lunch [...]

Losing your temper with a lawn care customer.

Some lawn care customers are just going through a rough time in their life and are looking for others to take their anger out on. There is no winning with them. The more you engage them, the more fuel you give them to be angrier. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher [...]

5 things I would do different after two years in the lawn care business.

Once you get your business started, your list of things you would do differently begins to grow. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what that list is though before you got started? Or maybe know what is on someone else’s list so you could compare it with your own and see what you might be [...]

5 lawn care business startup questions.

Sure you may have a lot of questions when you are starting up your lawn care business but here is a great collection of 5 questions one new entrepreneur had. He asked them on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and got a few great responses to help better direct him as he sets off [...]

Should I drop lawn care customers to tighten my routes?

Thinking about business growth all the time can be really stressful. Equipment, employees, travel time, all of these issues can weigh heavily on your mind. So what should a small lawn care business owner do when they are trying to grow, yet they feel they are being run ragged by trying to maintain a service [...]

How far is too far?

Getting that first call from your first potential lawn care customer can be very exciting. It can make you feel like your entire business plan has now been validated. But what should you do if your first potential job is outside a reasonable service area? That is what one lawn care business owner was dealing [...]

The benefits of a 4 or 5 man lawn care crew.

When does it make sense to utilize a 4 or 5 man lawn care crew to perform your lawn care maintenance? It’s a very good question to consider as your lawn care business grows and you are looking to improve efficiency. Depending on the way you have your routes set up, a 4 or 5 [...]

1 man, 2 man or 3 man lawn mowing crew. What’s best?

Most lawn care business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency. Is it more efficient to run a 1, 2 or 3 man crew? Sure everyone will have their own opinion on this but in a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we got a chance to talk with a business [...]