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Before you try and expand, make sure your lawn care business is running smoothly.

Planning out a business and doing the hard work yourself is tough. It is that which filters out the entrepreneurs from those who would be better suited as employees. Thinking you don’t have to take those long hard learning steps other successful entrepreneurs have taken because you know more or feeling that you are prepared [...]

A lawn care franchise disaster story.

Franchises were created to allow the want to be business owner with a way to maximize their chances of success by selling a proven, winning, money making infrastructure. Sure you normally have to buy into them, but the value you get out of your money invested should be well worth. It should allow you to [...]

A friend wants to start a division of my lawn care company.

For what ever reason, business owners are constantly being asked to allow a friend or a family member in on the business. Everyone has a great idea on how they can improve upon your business. Yet when you take a moment to talk to them, most of the times, you find they don’t have a [...]

Will one lawn care business take over all customers?

At one point in history there had been hundreds of cola soft drink manufacturers but now there are merely a handful. There used to be a very competitive collection of auto manufacturers too but now there are only a few as well. Could this happen in the lawn care industry? Could one giant service company [...]

Why I bought a lawn care franchise and why I am moving on from it.

Are you having a hard time figuring out what you need to do to get your lawn care business started? Have you found yourself running into dead ends when creating your business plan? Well you are not alone. Planning out how to get your lawn care business started can be really difficult. For some entrepreneurs [...]

Dog waste clean up franchise idea

If I were to make a dog waste clean up franchise, I would call it Pooper Scooters. The pooper scooter would have a trailer attached to it that would have a large sign to promote it. It would also have a shovel and a utility box to hold bags, invoices etc.

The rider’s helmet would have [...]

Lawn Choppers - lawn care business franchise with motorcycles!

How about this. What if you were a motorcycle enthusiast and you wanted to mix your love of motorcycles with a lawn care business. You could create the first lawn care business that uses motorcycles! It is a unique idea and it would get you a lot of media attention.
Join this discussion further at the [...]