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Incoming Call Sheet for Lawn Care Estimates and Jobs.

It’s easier in the early stages of your lawn care business to not have to keep detailed records. Sure you might remember your mowing schedule in your head. Keep a listing of a few phone numbers in your phone and run everything else on post it notes as new calls come in. At some point, [...]

What to look out for with a rock and tree removal job.

Every type of landscape job has issues you need to be wary of. So what are some of the things you should be concerned with before you take on a tree and rock removal job? That is what one entrepreneur was interested in knowing when he wrote about an upcoming job he bid on and [...]

How to make $450 in a day by offering gutter cleaning services.

There are plenty of services you can offer home owners in your area above and beyond lawn care. Why not also consider offering gutter cleaning services. That is what this one lawn care business owner decided to offer. He spent some time designing a door hanger to promote the service and also created an estimate [...]

Does your lawn care contract scare your customers?

The longer you are in business, the longer your lawn care contracts tend to get. Why? The simple reason is, as you go through life and operate your business, you run into new and interesting situations with your customers that you feel could have been resolved if only you had that in your lawn care [...]

How to bid one customer with multiple properties.

At some point while you are operating your lawn care business, you are going to come across a customer who owns multiple properties and will want you to bid on all of them at once. These properties might be residential or they may be commercial. How should you present your bid to such a customer [...]

How to keep your lawn care customers all year long.

It can be really difficult to keep your lawn care customers signed up with you for service all year long, especially when the season slows down. If you lose contact with them during the slow months, it can be tough to get in touch with them to sign up and start again in the Spring. [...]

Watch out for goofy lawn care contracts.

Anyone can create a lawn care contract. All they need to do is put pen to paper and write whatever it is floating around in their head. Then when they ask you to sign it, no matter how goofy it is, you are agreeing to it. So think before you sign any contract. What may [...]

Snow plow contract sample.

Are you just getting started offering snow plowing services this year but you are unsure of how to go about it? This situation was discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when a new member wrote “I’m going to be plowing this winter for the first time with my own truck. I don’t know [...]

How a new lawn care business owner went from 3 to 20 customers in 3 months.

Nothing helps us learn how to be successful than to hear stories from those who have found success and then ask them how they did it. A new lawn care business owner shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how he went from 3 to 20 lawn care customers [...]

Lawn Care Customer Questionnaire.

When you run a lawn care business over time you tend to develop a structure for processing new callers into becoming lawn care customers. You create different steps to follow in order to improve productivity. This system you create can then be passed on to new employees with the result of having them easily duplicate [...]

Free lawn mowing flyer and bid sheet.

Thanks to Matt for posting this great lawn mowing flyer and bid sheet on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He wrote us “I just recently came up with a couple different forms I’m planning on using. These aren’t my primary flyers. The one is to stir up new business this year and the other [...]

Emailing your estimates with the online GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Estimator

I added a feature to give you the power to email your lawn care customers their lawn care estimate. The great thing about this feature is how it benefits you, the lawn care business owner. You can potentially pull up to a new lawn care customer’s property and enter the specific information into your computer [...]

Lawn care business commercial property bid cover letter sample.

When your lawn care business is submitting a bid for property maintenance, consider including this bid cover letter sample. It’s a great way to look professional and improve your chances at winning the lawn care bid.
Mr. Smith
123 Main St
Anytown, USA 90210
(800) 123-4567
RE: Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Dear Mr. Smith,
Thank you for inviting XXXX Lawn Care [...]

Create a check list to win over commercial lawn care jobs.

Here is are a few great ideas on how to land commercial lawn care jobs. You can join this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
John: “I need some help here. The new lawn care season will be coming and I was wondering how lawn care business owners find out which lawn care contracts [...]

Who should you present your commercial lawn care bid too?

This great discussion about who should you present your commercial lawn care bid to was taken from the Gopher Lawn Care Forum here. Feel free to visit the forum to join in on the discussion.
Rob: “Tim, do you already have a bid ready when you are going out prospecting?

How do you know what services they [...]

What you should include in a commercial lawn care bid.

When you are looking to submit a bid for a commercial lawn care property maintenance contract, here are some words of advice from our friend, Tim, as to what to include in your commercial lawn care bid.
He said “A brochure is a nice added touch to the professionalism of your presentation of your company. I [...]

Lawn care business proposal and estimate templates.

Randy made a new post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and asked “Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has a template of a proposal they could post.  I have been given a wonderful opportunity to possibly get 12 yards from a local real estate developer and he had asked me to [...]