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A lawn care business owner’s lesson on debt and debt collection.

A real simple step you can take to help you improve your chances of success is to limit the amount of time a customer can take to pay you. Even better, if you can get paid in advance, that cuts out all the time you might have wasted tracking down late payers. Here is a [...]

Over extending your lawn care business.

In most every business, there seems this constant push to want to grow and get bigger. There is a point you can reach though where you go from growth to over extending yourself. You may not notice when it is happening. You also may not know the downsides to doing it. Here is a great [...]

A chance at a huge lawn care bid and don’t want to screw it up.

Every lawn care business owner dreams of the day when they are out working on a property and the fairy god mother of lawn care bids comes down from up high to anoint them with good luck, in the form of the largest opportunity they ever had. Even though this is the dream, the reality [...]

How lawn care business owners save money.

How do you save money? Do you ever find there is a psychological barrier beyond a certain amount of money where you have a hard time breaking through when it comes to saving?
Like where you feel saving gets tougher and tougher for you to do? Maybe it’s $1000 or $2000? At a certain point do [...]

Why lawn care business owners overspend.

A quick way to kill your lawn care business is to spend more than you make. The concept sounds simple enough, but still, why are so many lawn care business owners burning out at such a fast rate? There are many reasons why they are overspending. They may be trying to buy happiness, maybe it’s [...]

How credit errors and borrowing limits can effect your lawn care business.

In a previous discussion I had talked about 7 tips to getting a commercial lawn care business loan approved. That discussion opened up to include a few more important issues I wanted to pass on to you. These may not be issues you find yourself dealing with day-in and day-out unless you are looking to [...]

7 tips to getting a commercial lawn care business loan approved.

How often have you heard someone say “it takes money to make money?” Usually you hear that right before a new business owner is about to lay down some serious cash to purchase something big they don’t need at the moment. However there are times when a lawn care business owner needs to make a [...]

GopherHaul Lawn Care Business School Now Open!

The GopherHaul Lawn Care Business School is now online.
If you look above along the brown bar header on the Gopher Forum, you will see a new section added to the forum. Our FREE online lawn care business school.
This FREE course the “Class 1 - Lawn Care Business Operator’s Certificate” is designed to give the new [...]

Lawn Care Business Loan.

We had an interesting discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on the topic of lawn care business loans.
One of our lawn care business forum members told us “I did start my business with a loan, but I made sure that it was one that the business could easily pay off.”
Steve: “Do you have [...]

A look inside how a lawn care business failed.

We don’t often get a chance to look inside a lawn care business after it fails but there is a lot to learn from the experience. Most of all, we want to know why it failed. What did the owner do or not do that attributed to the demise of his lawn care business? You [...]

SBA loans for a start up lawn care business?

When you are a new business and are looking for funding, sometimes you might consider getting an SBA loan. That question was asked in the Gopher Lawn Care Forum.
Jerry: “How hard it is to get a Small Business Association Loan for $10,000 for some new equipment?”

Joel: “How hard it is depends on your own situation. [...]