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How to charge bi-weekly lawn care customers.

When a lawn care customer decides mid-season they want to save money and only have you mow their property every other week, how should you handle this or even bill this? This was a dilemma that was presented to the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. The member wrote “I’ve had this weekly [...]

How a new lawn care business owner went from 3 to 20 customers in 3 months.

Nothing helps us learn how to be successful than to hear stories from those who have found success and then ask them how they did it. A new lawn care business owner shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how he went from 3 to 20 lawn care customers [...]

Would you go with the name B.S. Lawn Care?

Here is a really interesting question that was posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One of our friends wrote in and he had this idea for his new lawn care business name. His name is Brian S. and he was asking “What do you guys think about naming the business B.S. Lawn Care???? [...]

Stick to your landscaping bid or pass?

When you are out and about giving new landscaping estimates to customers, when should you stick with your bid price and when should you pass the job on to someone else? This is a great topic and it was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by our friend Tom. He wrote “I [...]

Walk the lawn before you bid or this might happen.

With the advent of google maps and other similar services, your lawn care business might feel more inclined now to pull up an overhead map of a new customers home to review their yard. Once you calculate the dimensions of the property, you may even feel compelled to give the new lawn care customer a [...]

Lawn care t-shirt idea that will get attention.

Creating a catchy idea or phrase to stand out with your lawn care business can be very difficult. Unless you are doing creative thinking everyday, when you need to be creative it can be tough to pull these ideas out of nothing. This leads me to a question Kurtis wrote on the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Lawn care business postcard distribution tips.

When you are thinking about marketing your lawn care business, why not consider using postcards? That’s what one of our forum members did and he has been getting great results. He wrote “Hey, I just wanted to share with you my new oversized postcards. I am very happy with them and have been getting great [...]

Lawn care business website search engine optimization tip.

Did you know you can appear on google’s search engine even if you don’t have a website? And if you have a lawn care website, here is a tip that you really need to take advantage of. The best part about all of this, is that it’s FREE. It’s amazing what you can learn when [...]

Overcoming lawn care business owner newbie syndrome.

“Back in the days when you were starting your lawn care business, did you encounter the ‘Why would I hire you if you’re so new?’ dilemma?
I’d like to have some way of spinning that question into a positive if and when that should arise.”
That’s the question asked to us by Scott, a new lawn care [...]

Where your phone number should appear in your lawn care website.

You would think by the title of this article, the story below would be so simple you didn’t even have to read it but that is certainly not the case. Most lawn care business owners don’t put much time into where their phone number should appear. Just ask yourself where does your phone number appear? [...]

Marketing your lawn care business only with business cards?

Here in this economic slump we see daily posts on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about the difficulties lawn care business owners are having, trying to find new lawn care customers. One of our members had an opposing marketing view that is held by many. He is finding a lot of success now. Let’s [...]

We will beat any lawn care quote by at least 20%.

What should you do when you open your mail and see a lawn care business direct mail campaign that says “We will beat any quote you receive by at least 20%!” How do you compete with those willing to drop their prices by at least 20% to get the job. The simple answer is you [...]

Warning: read this before you buy a used mower.

Buying used outdoor power equipment can be a great way to save money but it can also open a can of worms and end up costing if repairs are needed. How do you know if a used lawn mower is going to be a good deal? That’s what one of our forum member’s asked when [...]

Lawn care business sales lesson.

We can always learn more about sales. Without sales we would have no income and without an income we would have no business. So to boost your lawn care business sales let’s have a talk with Nick, a fellow Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum member. Nick used to be a car salesman before he moved [...]

A lawn care business sales secret.

When you are getting your lawn care business started and you don’t have many personal contacts, the situation can be rough. Let’s take a look at what our friend and fellow Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum member did to go from getting no return calls to many.
Scott wrote “So my flyers & business cards have [...]

Should I go with a signed or verbal lawn care agreement?

There are a lot of new lawn care business owners just getting started this year due to many economic factors. Because they are new, they don’t know where they can get away with using a verbal agreement when providing lawn care services or when they need to use a signed agreement. I want to use [...]

Easter promotion ideas for your lawn care business.

Happy Easter to all of you. As business owners, we can take each holiday and use it to promote good will within our community and promote our lawn care business. All we need to do is add a touch of creativity and from where there was nothing, a new promotional idea can sprout. Such an [...]

Which lawn care business logo would you choose?

At first glance, you would think choosing a lawn care business logo would be easy. Just pick the one that for whatever reason, stands out to you. Maybe the color, maybe the boldness, maybe the way it looks on your truck. But as we will see in this discussion there is more to choosing a [...]

Top voted lawn care equipment.

Spring is in the air and many lawn care businesses are looking to buy new lawn care equipment. But before you go out and buy it, check the Gopher Forum equipment review section. There you can review what equipment other lawn care business owners are using. What they recommend and what they won’t buy again. [...]

GopherHaul Lawn Care Business School. Lecture Title #1: Getting started.

GopherHaul Lawn Care Business School Welcome to the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business School.
This FREE course the “Class 1 - Lawn Care Business Operator’s Certificate” is designed to give the new lawn care business owner a knowledge base to draw from and build a successful lawn care business. To sign up and enroll, visit the Gopher [...]

How to bid gutter cleaning.

If you are looking to submit some bids this season to clean leaves out of your customers gutters make sure you read this article first.
John got on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and asked his gutter cleaning question. He wrote “I have been asked by a neighbor to do a gutter cleanup. She has [...]

Lawn care business press release idea.

In general I don’t think lawn care business owners utilize press releases as much as they should. The media, especially the local media, is always looking for a news story. Why not give them one? What does it cost to offer them a news idea? Nothing more than a little time to write up a [...]

Make your own animated Lawn Care or Snow Plowing Banner Ad.

Have you ever wanted to make your own animated banner ad to promote your lawn care or snow plowing services and found it difficult if not impossible to do so? Well here is a simple online service that allows you to enter your lawn care business contact information and creates an animated banner quickly, [...]

Collections at the end of the lawn care season.

Are you find it difficult to collect on your overdue lawn care business accounts? Are your lawn care customers holding off on paying? This article should help you with some tips and tricks on how to collect payments.
Gary got on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and asked ” last year was my first year [...]

FREE Lawn Care Logo Designer - just released!

Having a tough time designing a logo for your lawn care business? Try this new lawn care logo designer program. It’s FREE to use!
Coming up with a logo design for your lawn care business can be a daunting challenge. Not everyone is artistically inclined or has the time to spend trying to create a logo. [...]

Rate your lawn care equipment.

I set up a new page to allow you to rate your lawn care equipment and see how others rate their lawn care equipment. This should help us all grow, especially when we are looking to upgrade and buy new mowers, trimmers or leaf blowers. Are you happy with your current outdoor power equipment or [...]

Compare your lawn care prices and see how you can improve!

How much do you charge to perform lawn care service? This has got to be one of the most common questions I have seen appear on the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum. It is a very important question too. If you don’t know how much the average lawn care business owner is charging for standard [...]

Snow plow marketing idea.

If you miss reading the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum for a single day, you could miss out on a lot. This idea is sure to make you a favorite amongst your customers and neighbors. To promote your snow plowing services why not use this marketing idea.
Tony wrote us and said “Here is an example [...]

Free Lawn Care Business Website Template Design.

I was contacted by Matt on the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum and we worked out this great deal to give away one free Lawn care business website makeover. I am really excited about this. Let me turn this over to Matt to tell us what he is offering.
Complete Lawn Care Business Website Makeover
Sponsored by [...]

Spend time with your kids lawn care door hanger.

I was having a great discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum with my friend Jeff and he was sharing with me some of his experiences trying to market his lawn care business. You can read more on this lawn care business discussion here on the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum.
Lawn Care Door Hanger