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A lawn care customer cut my pay because I worked fast.

Can you imagine a mowing customer agreeing to pay you $x amount of dollars to mow their property and then when you actually mow it, they feel you mowed it too fast and refuse to pay you the price they agreed upon? I know you feel like this couldn’t happen, but it did to a [...]

Something doesn’t sit right about this lawn care customer.

Have you ever gone out on a lawn care bid, talked to the potential customer, and gotten a bad feeling that you wouldn’t be getting paid to do the job you were called to bid on? That’s the situation one entrepreneur from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum experienced when he wondered what he should [...]

Help with hedge trimming.

A new client calls and they are right on a down town section of a main street. In front of their property are all these shrubs that need trimming. You are not too comfortable with your hedge trimming skills, so what do you do? That is the situation one entrepreneur found himself in as he [...]