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How to bill customers for an annual mowing contract?

Say you have a bunch of weekly or even bi-weekly mowing customers and you want to get them to agree to an annual mowing contract. How do you go about pricing it? How do you charge them? Do you just add the annual mowing total up and divide by 12 months and bill them that [...]

Lawn stopped growing cause of heat. Now what?

Temperatures will change throughout the year. Sometimes you will get a lot of rain and sometimes you will have drought conditions. If there is one thing you can guarantee, the weather will not always be consistent. You can’t change the weather but you can be creative in the services you offer. As we will see [...]

How to get bi-weekly mowing customers to become weekly.

Have you found that the only mowing customers you service are those that want bi-weekly mowing? Do you find it really cuts down on your profits? If so, consider some of these business tactics we learned from The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Maybe utilize a few of these strategies will help you improve your [...]

Should you promote certain fertilizer products?

There are a lot of manufactures who make mowers, trimmers, and fertilizers. Does it make any sense at all to promote these brands on your website? Will these company’s brand name and good will positively effect your bottom line? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who [...]

My landscape company made $200,000 last year.

In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one landscaper who has been in the business 8 years and has finally figured out how much he needs to make each day to break even. From that figure, we learn how it makes it easier for him to know how much [...]