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Working for a realty agency and bidding on their lawn care jobs.

Here is a situation that not every new lawn care business owner will run into. However, the lesson learned in this story can be applied to everyone. The importance of communication and holding firm to your price of performing a job, is the cornerstone to running a successful company. As we will see from this [...]

Plant and material discounts at big box stores.

Big box stores are seem to be everywhere you go. They offer a wide variety of products too. But as a landscape professional, should you be buying your materials and plant products from them? Are their prices the best you can get or are there other, better alternatives? That is what one entrepreneur wondered when [...]

I need a license for this?

Licenses are created to regulate industries, to train and educated people to operate under the current legal guidelines, and to raise revenue for the state. Regulating too much can lead to over-regulation. When that happens, people either decide not to t comply with the laws or they just avoid getting into industries that they feel [...]

Building your own landscape trailer.

Depending on your skill set, time available, and the tools you have at your disposal, you may find building your own landscape trailer to be more fun and cheaper than going out and buying one already made. That is what this one entrepreneur did on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He shared with us [...]

A method to sell more landscaping jobs.

It is difficult to create your own lawn care marketing message from scratch without any outside influence. Sometimes getting a little help in the form of an example can really help you get going. Here is that help thanks to a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In this discussion, a fellow landscaper [...]

How I got my first lawn aeration job.

Here is a way you can find lawn care aeration customers. This one member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us how he gained his first customer of the season via a newspaper ad. It wasn’t just any old newspaper ad, it was something the newspaper calls Daily Deals. This section allows [...]

How do I run my part time mowing business while I’m at my full time job?

Having a full time job and trying to get a lawn care business up off the ground is possible, it’s just tougher for a number of reasons. You only have so much time in your week to apply to your business when you are working full time elsewhere and that can cause [...]

The pros and cons of using Facebook to promote your lawn care business.

There are many ways to promote your lawn care business. Most of them you can control the message and design it specifically for your targeted audience. But what happens when you utilize a marketing tool that allows for the injection of other outside variables into your marketing message, like facebook? How do you take a [...]

How to price a lawn for mowing a small mobile home yard.

There are some very small lawns out there that you may be called upon to bid your mowing services on. How should you price them though? Can you price them real cheap because they are so small or do you need to have a minimum price regardless of how small a yard is, just to [...]