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Gaining lawn care customers with a route sales company.

Here is an interesting look at how route sales companies work, the pros and cons to using them, and if they are worth while. At first glance you may think this concept is insane for many reasons. This company discussed seems to charge a lot per lawn care customer and sells the lawn service for [...]

Should you add this clause to your lawn care contracts?

There are times where a clause in a lawn care contract can really help better explain a process a home owner is agreeing to with a lawn service provider but there are other times where clauses can wildly spin out of control and cause more problems than they solve. Here is a great discussion on [...]

Someone stole my lawn care company name.

It can be very frustrating trying to come up with a lawn care business name for your new mowing company. But what should you do if after you register a name, you find someone else is using it? Should this be a big deal or no? Are there ways to protect yourself? As we will [...]

Where to start getting new lawn care customers?

Getting a lawn mower, line trimmer, and a truck is the easy part when it comes to starting up a new lawn care business. Finding mowing customers is the tough part that will take you a little time. If you find yourself frustrated in your attempts to increase your customer roster consider some of these [...]

Should my lawn care business take on a silent partner?

There are times as a small business owner that you will meet someone interested in investing in a small business. Sometimes these situations work and sometimes they don’t. One thing is for sure, taking on an investor whether active or silent can complicate an already complicated process of trying to get a business off the [...]

What am I doing wrong with my lawn care marketing?

It’s real easy to get frustrated with your lawn care marketing if this is your first season. Sometimes an entrepreneur will be a little too early with their marketing and spend a little too much money. Then they get little to no response and they throw their hands up in the air to quit. Before [...]

Why some people keep putting off starting their own lawn care business.

Learning how to start a business is a lot like learning how to swim. With both, you can just dive head first into a deep hole to sink or swim with a great potential for failure. Or you can put on a life jacket and wade in, taking the process slowly but surely. In the [...]

Spring cleanups, what to do and what to charge?

Spring and fall cleanups are great add on services you can offer your lawn mowing customer. For those customer you have who are on annual property contracts, they are great services to include and increase your profit. But what services should you include in these cleanups and how should customers be billed for them? That [...]

I am going broke bidding on commercial lawn care jobs.

It can be tough enough trying to get commercial lawn care accounts but when you add to it the skill set needed to bid them accurately, it’s no wonder so many new start up mowing business owners stay clear of them for at least a year if not more. If you are trying to figure [...]

Using a credit card for your lawn care business expenses.

As a new business owner, it is a great thing to pay for everything you need as you go and not go into debt. Taking on debt at any stage is dangerous but it is especially risky when you are a new start up. More new businesses fail due to a lack of positive cash [...]

The issues with mowing and servicing forclosed properties.

If your area has been hard hit by the economy slow down, you might see ads to work for asset companies or banks to take care of foreclosed properties. To some, this opportunity may seem like a great chance at bringing in more income, but as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher [...]

How to prepare for a sod installation job.

Taking that step from simply offering lawn mowing to offering larger landscaping projects can bring in more money but they might also test your abilities and knowledge base. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about what you need to do if you are hired to install sod on a [...]