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Should I buy this used commercial lawn mower?

With the grass growing, many new lawn care business owners are scouring the classified ads, looking for deals on commercial lawn mowers they can get to replace one of their current mowers or upgrade to a larger mowing deck. Sometimes there is a good deal to be found while other times, you may find yourself [...]

The best way to generate new lawn care customer with some SEO tips.

You can get the majority of what you need to do to have a website completed and still not get any activity on it. How come? You might be missing out on key lawn care business website search engine optimization techniques. Missing those important elements can cause your site to rank poorly in the search [...]

Second year in the lawn care business.

How often do you have a few thousand dollars laying around that you just don’t know what to do with it? When you do, does your mind start spinning thinking about all the lawn care equipment you could buy? Or do you take the extra cash and stick it in the bank where you leave [...]

The easy and tough parts to starting a lawn care business.

Sometimes it’s the easy things that are the most difficult to do and the things you are thinking will be difficult become the easiest. I don’t know how many people end up never getting their lawn care business started because they spend to much time contemplating how to do things and never take any concrete [...]

Is it a good idea to price lawn mowing based on neighborhoods?

Have you ever thought about how to streamline your marketing and sales presentation in order to minimize time spent going out and giving free lawn care estimates? Maybe you thought it would be a good idea to hand out lawn care flyers in different areas and include a price on the flyer. That way, the [...]

Business lessons from a lawn care mower dealer.

You can get a lot of great business advice from entrepreneurs who operate in many different fields. Yes their businesses may differ from yours in many ways, but a big part of what is involved in being successful is similar across the board. So by picking up a few pieces of information here and there, [...]

Create your own blinking light lawn care business card holder for your truck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you were out with your truck and you parked somewhere, your truck could help you sell? Sure if you get some signs on it, people may write down your contact information. But what if you had a lawn care business card holder on your truck? Then to make [...]

Lawn care marketing on race cars?

There are so many lawn care marketing methods to experiment with, you will never try them all, but seeing what works for others may be a good indicator at what might work for you too. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we talk about what marketing methods have worked for others [...]

Incorporating my lawn care business and how to pay myself.

When you are running a basic sole proprietor business, it is pretty easy how to pay yourself. Basically anything left in your bank account after expenses and taxes is yours to do what you want with. If at a point you decide you want to incorporate your lawn care business, how do you then pay [...]

Competing with lowball lawn mowing ads.

If things aren’t tough enough trying to run your lawn care business, here come the lowball lawn mowing ads. It seems like once they get started, everyone is in a race to the bottom. So how can you compete with lowballers? How can you get the price you need to keep your business running? That [...]