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Have you ever come close to almost giving up on your lawn care business?

There are a lot of barriers an entrepreneur faces while running their business. If you find yourself dealing with some heavy issues, keep in mind you are not alone. Here is a collection, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, of how other business owners deal with forces that try to stop them from succeeding. [...]

Lessons learned from under bidding the removal of 6 holly bushes.

Sure it’s great to make as much money as you can but if that means bidding on unfamiliar jobs, you have to be careful not to lose money. That is what happened here with this landscaper when he underbid a bush removal job. When everything was completed, the job ended up taking twice as long [...]

How to bid plant install work.

Trying to offer a lot of different services in your early years of being an entrepreneur can be rough. Sure it’s great to be open to make as much money as you can, but the down side is you won’t know how to bid all the jobs that come your way. This is the case [...]

How do your landscape sales presentations compare to these?

When you are trying to sell a customer on a landscape project, how do you create the imagery? Do you walk around the property with a customer and talk about how you might add this plant here or put a mulch bed in over there? Do you hand draw out a design on paper? Or [...]

How much is that line trimmer costing you to operate per hour?

It can be a very difficult task trying to figure out what your actual operating costs are per hour. So many variables are involved with this process. With such complexities, it is no wonder that many new business owners fail to ever find a consistent price they need to charge per hour to cover all [...]

What are overhead costs and how do they effect a lawn care business?

Have you ever heard of the term overhead costs? If so, could you name three of your overhead costs? When was the last time you created an income statement to check on your profitability? Do you create one after each job you bid on? Some business owners do that often and have a great understanding [...]

Should you rent or buy a sod cutter?

Most lawn care business owners love equipment. But when does it make sense to buy a new piece of equipment rather than rent it? That is the question one landscaper was interested in knowing more about when he talked about his latest job on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. The job called for the [...]

A mobile small engine service company is a great way of adding more profits.

Experimenting with different services is a great way to test out what may make you money and what won’t. If you can keep your costs down, you can do quite a bit of experimenting. That’s exactly what this one entrepreneur did when he decided to not only offer lawn care services to home owners but [...]

Secrets to success with lawn care ads in newspapers.

Sometimes all it takes is fine tuning one or two elements in your lawn care marketing campaign to really hit on something big. In this success story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who played around with his newspaper ad position and found that it pays to be in [...]

Helpful tips for teens running a lawn care business.

Teens have a different group of issues they will have to face as business owners. Some people may not take them seriously. It’s also difficult to get from customer to customer without a driver’s license. If you are a teen and want to create and grow a business, you can do it. Just follow some [...]

Should you get a walk behind lawn mower or ZTR?

There are a lot of mowers out there with many different styles. Some mowers allow you to sit, while others have you stand. Even others need you to walk behind them. But which one is better for you? That is the question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by one member who is [...]

What should you do to scale up your pressure washing services?

When your competition zigs, you need to zag. If there are a ton of uninsured, unregistered lawn care business owners in your area, why not look to expand the list of services you offer. That way you can find more services that have a higher profit potential than simply offering lawn care. That’s what one [...]

Should you hand out lawn care business cards on an employers time?

There are a lot of business etiquette lessons we just may not know about until we are exposed to them. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Many a new landscape business owner got their start by working for another mowing company. When you are working for someone [...]

Should I buy some new lawn care equipment or work on my marketing?

As a new business owner, you may be limited on the resources you have, so you need to spend your time and money wisely if you want to grow. But what should you be spending your time and money on? That is what one entrepreneur was interested in knowing on the Gopher Lawn Care Business [...]

How to harness the power of social networking to gain new lawn care customers.

If you lack money to spend on your lawn care marketing efforts, don’t worry you are not alone. You also have a lot of methods you can utilize that don’t require money, but will require a little of your time. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how you [...]

Spring lawn care postcard design idea.

If you want to bring in more work, you need to incentivize your employees to look for work. You can employee this method yourself as well, if you are a sole proprietor. The idea is to keep on the look out for lawn care work and extra upsells that could be used. Whether this be [...]

Unbalanced lawn mower blades can cause big problems.

You might not think an unbalanced lawn mower blade could cause damage to your mower but as you will see from this topic on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, anything out of balance that is spinning over a thousand times a minute can cause big problems. In this discussion we see how an unbalanced [...]

How to handle lawn care customers going through a rough time.

Life can deal us some great situations, mild one, and sometimes awful ones. Such situations can effect us all. But what should we do when a lawn care customer we don’t know personally starts to open up about a tragic situation in their life? How should we handle this? Do other business owners run into [...]

Should you stay part time with your lawn care business or go full time?

Many people dream of starting and running their own business. A handful will actually start one up and even less will be successful at it. If you are running your lawn care business part time, what is keeping you from going full time with it? Here are a few stories from the Gopher Lawn Care [...]