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Dealing with A.D.D. as a lawn care business owner.

Many business owners are self motivated and have lots of energy to focus. Some have an easier time than others when it comes to focusing. If you find that you jump from one project to another and it is difficult for you to get projects completed, you may want to consider applying some of these [...]

A lawn care business owner’s lesson on debt and debt collection.

A real simple step you can take to help you improve your chances of success is to limit the amount of time a customer can take to pay you. Even better, if you can get paid in advance, that cuts out all the time you might have wasted tracking down late payers. Here is a [...]

Should you give free snow removal to get lawn care customers to sign up?

New business owners tend to come up with the wildest offers for their lawn care marketing. They tend to think the crazier the offer, the more customers they will attract. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. What not to do and why.

How a lawn care business owner scaled up his use of employees.

There is a tendency with sole lawn care business owner operators to work themselves until they can’t work any more. They want to be in total control of every minute detail so they feel they can’t relinquish any control to staff. This can cause a lot of problems as the business naturally tries to grow. [...]

Where should you park your open landscape trailer?

If you are limited on funds and space, as most new business owners are, this discussion, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, will give you some ideas of what to do when you have an open landscape trailer that you are trying to use daily with little space to store it. After reading this, [...]

A friend wants to start a division of my lawn care company.

For what ever reason, business owners are constantly being asked to allow a friend or a family member in on the business. Everyone has a great idea on how they can improve upon your business. Yet when you take a moment to talk to them, most of the times, you find they don’t have a [...]

Should you lowball lawn mowing prices on your street only to raise them later?

When you are new to the lawn care field you tend to look for ways to quickly gain new customers. Sometimes you are willing to do this at the cost of not profiting or even potentially losing money per job. These lowball strategies tend to always fail because customers who are attracted to low prices [...]

What to do about landscape equipment tire problems?

There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with your equipment during the work day. Getting a flat tire is one of them that can be real frustrating and time consuming to deal with. There are alternatives to the standard tubeless tire but are those alternatives worthwhile? That is what one landscaper [...]

What to do when a customer says you didn’t mow their lawn, when you did.

There will always be conflicts you have to deal with as a business owner. Some customers will be picky about your performance. Others will be late payers. Then there will be a small group that will want to fight you over whether or not you had ever showed up on a given day to mow [...]

The pitfalls to mowing a family members lawn.

When you own a lawn care business, you are able to provide a service that many of your family and friends can utilize. With that said, it’s important to figure out how best to handle mowing such lawns if requests come up. Hearing the stories others have dealt with can help you in the crafting [...]

More ways to try and get deadbeat lawn care customers to pay.

It seems if someone is hell bent on not paying a bill, they can do a lot to avoid it. But here are some great ideas, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you may want to consider trying to get a deadbeat lawn care customer to pay up. Each state is different on how [...]

Turning over deadbeat lawn care customers to collections.

It can be very frustrating dealing with lawn care customers in general, but when they don’t pay you, that frustration level can get worse. But as we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there is no point in getting mad. You simply need to consider your collection options and [...]

Reaching out to old friends can make new lawn care customers.

When it comes to marketing Realtors really know how to work their social networks. I have received many letters from old friends I hadn’t seen in a while that reach out to me and tell me what they are up to. Some will tell me they have become realtors and send out letters and [...]

Is it worthwhile trying to sell snow blower services?

Getting into the snow removal business can be cheap if you just start with a shovel, but can get expensive when you look to buy a snow plow truck and a snow plow. So it may make some wonder if there is a middle ground? Maybe buying a snow blower could be an in-between way [...]

How lawn care equipment costs effect what you need to charge to mow.

Overhead and operational costs are rarely considered when a new lawn care business owner is trying to figure out how much to charge to mow a lawn. But whether they are factored into a bid price or not, they still play a huge role in a job being profitable or a loss. Let’s check out [...]

How are we supposed to survive when other lawn care business advertise such cheap rates?

We have all seen ads either in the newspaper or on free internet classified sites that promote lawn care services for next to nothing. What should a legitimate mowing business owner think about such ads and even more so, do about them? Should such competitors be taken on head to head or are there better [...]

What you need to know before you aerate a lawn.

Spring and fall are great times to make extra money from your lawn care customers by offering them aeration, seeding, and fertilization. But where should you begin? A great and affordable way to do this is to book a bunch of jobs within a day or two. Rent an aeration machine and then get as [...]

The power of networking to promote your lawn care business.

There are many lawn care marketing methods you can use to promote your business but none seem to give you as much bang for your buck as networking. Talking to people, letting them know what you are doing with yourself and handing out business cards is very important. In fact you can become very successful [...]

How to say no to a lawn care customer’s neighbor.

Every lawn care business owner strives to do the best job they can in order to make their customers happy and to attract new customers through word of mouth. Now with that said, what should you do when all of that works and you get a chance to bid on a neighboring property but quickly [...]