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Lawn care customer upset with final price.

Lawn care customers have expectations. When those expectation meet reality and the reality of the situation is not what they had expected, the situation tends to turn into a conflict. We see this happen in a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum where one member shared with us how he bid a mowing [...]

How lawn care business owners save money.

How do you save money? Do you ever find there is a psychological barrier beyond a certain amount of money where you have a hard time breaking through when it comes to saving?
Like where you feel saving gets tougher and tougher for you to do? Maybe it’s $1000 or $2000? At a certain point do [...]

How to estimate a wooden deck pressure washing job.

Pressure washing and treating wooden decks can be quite an involved process. If you are looking to offer such services, you need to do more than show up to a job site and spray the wood with as high of a pressure as you can get. There are many ways you can mess up a [...]

Lawn Care Business Tips, Tricks, & Secrets book ranked #1 best seller on Amazon.

If you are looking for ways to better improve your lawn care business operations, order my book Lawn Care Business Tips, Tricks, & Secrets From The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum & The GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show. It’s available in paperback and has an electronic version for the kindle reader.
This book was ranked #1 [...]

How to deal with odd lawn care customer requests.

When you get called to give a lawn care estimate, do you ever find yourself dealing with a strange request that catches you off guard and leaves you momentarily stunned looking for a way to respond? It happens. The more time you spend running your lawn care business, the more odd ball requests will come [...]

Should you look to work with real estate agents?

For some lawn care business owners, working with real estate agents can be quite helpful. They can get you more work than most other individual contacts you have. They can introduce you to other realtors they work with. And they can help you to gain access to commercial properties that need lawn care as well. [...]

What your lawn care business needs to know about sales tax.

Taxes. We all hate them but we have to make sure we comply with the rules of the game if we want to be a part of the system. Most new lawn care business owners are aware they will need to pay income tax on their earnings but quite a few don’t realize they also [...]

Tips for pricing and performing residential snow removal.

The thought of making money over the winter is a very pleasant thought for most lawn care business owners, especially when they live in an area that has snow storms. However the way you go about performing the service and the way you price it can make or break your entire winter season. Consider these [...]

I want to fire my lawn care business partner.

It’s tough enough trying to start a lawn care business by yourself but when you bring in a partner, you are most likely gonna make the situation worse. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, partnerships add another level of complexity to everything and when they go bad, [...]

Spring lawn care marketing material review.

With spring right around the corner, many of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum are putting together their spring lawn care marketing material. Here in this discussion, you can see a post card design, both front and back, that one lawn care business owner put together and how he positions himself to [...]

Do you mow in the rain? How long after should you wait to mow?

When you are running a lawn care business, time is money. For every moment you are sitting around waiting to mow, you are losing cash. So what is a lawn care business owner to do when it rains? Should they try to mow? If not then, how long should they be waiting for? That is [...]

Sometimes you just gotta call it a day.

Sometimes you have a good day, week, or month, but every once in a while, you are going to have one of those days where everything works against you. When you are running a lawn care business, such days will cost you financially. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Don’t forget why you started your lawn care business.

Over time we forget things that were once important to us. We forget issues in our lives that changed our being. We forget names and faces. We also forget why we started on a journey. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we learn how forgetting why you started your lawn care [...]

Bidding a big new home development sod job.

You never know when a big job is going to come your way. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one lawn care business owner got a call to install sod at 300 new properties with the average property size of 10,000 sq ft. Such a job could take a small lawn [...]

Creating an annual lawn care program.

Keeping your lawn care business busy during the winter months can be tough depending on the area you live. One thing that can help though is having a plan in place where your services change with the different seasons. Finding different services to offer that are suitable for the different seasons can be as simple [...]

Where to find great lawn care employees?

There are many paths you can take to build your lawn care business. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, some ways are better than others. This is especially true when it comes to finding good solid lawn care employees and the best ways to utilize them. To [...]

The top three most asked lawn care business start up questions.

We see many great questions asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, some seem to appear more often than others. Start up questions seem to be really popular because that is a time when you know the least about the trade and what you don’t know can hurt you. So here are the top [...]

How to price a driveway power washing job.

Have you been looking into how to add power washing to your list of services but were unsure on how to estimate such jobs? Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that talks about pricing power washing  jobs and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that come with the [...]

Planning your spring lawn care door hanger marketing.

There have been many new lawn care business owners who spent quite a bit of money and quite a bit of time printing and handing out their lawn care door hangers only to be disappointed with the results. Why? Because they didn’t know which variables to tweak. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Getting 80% of your new lawn care customers online.

Have you been finding it difficult to get new lawn care customers? Some members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum have been using online classified ad sites like craiglist to fill up their mowing schedules with fantastic results. One member even showed us how he is getting 80% of his new customers through craigslist. [...]

Expanding your lawn care business with mini excavation services.

There are many services you can offer your lawn care and landscaping customers. The ones you focus on can be the ones that make you the most money, or the ones you enjoy performing the most. If you feel yourself stuck and can’t find a way to push your lawn care business to the next [...]