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How to get lawn care customers vol. 2 ebook now available

How To Get Customers For Your Landscaping And Lawn Care Business All Year Long. Vol. 2
Is now available on amazon’s Kindle reader.
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Getting your lawn care business started is the easy part. Most get stuck finding customers and they give up on their new venture too quickly. Why struggle trying [...]

Why their businesses failed.

Knowing why businesses fail can be just as important as knowing why others succeed. Hearing success stories can be really interesting and entertaining. Those who succeed always have them and they tend to be these glossed over stories on how, they simply over came obstacles and worked hard. However, the law of averages states there [...]

Lawn care business flyer discussion and review.

There are many different ways you can create a lawn care flyer to promote your business. As you are looking to develop your own unique hook and style, it can be helpful to see what others are doing. Here is great flyer example that was posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. As you [...]

Why lawn care business owners overspend.

A quick way to kill your lawn care business is to spend more than you make. The concept sounds simple enough, but still, why are so many lawn care business owners burning out at such a fast rate? There are many reasons why they are overspending. They may be trying to buy happiness, maybe it’s [...]

When to start your spring lawn care advertising.

If you have been in the lawn care business for a few seasons, you probably have developed your own way to know when it is time to send out your spring marketing material. Time seems to be pretty crucial when it comes to sending this marketing material out. If you send it out too early, [...]

5 important tips from a professional marketeer.

We can learn a lot from a professional marketeer. They see a lot of marketing concepts all day long and experiment with more marketing in a week than most of us will experiment with in our career. So when they have something to say, I like to pay attention to them. Here a member of [...]

Life sized cut out advertising idea.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a copy of yourself made to go out and market your lawn care business for you while you did other things? What about 2 or even 3 duplicates of you? Well this might not be exactly the same but it is pretty close. A lawn care business [...]

Township code enforcement can bring you more business.

As you drive about your area, do you notice some homes are on the market for quite a length of time? Have these homes been sitting without care for so long that the grass around the house has grown tall and become an eyesore? If so, they are probably going to be fined by the [...]

Get more lawn jobs with this real estate agent letter.

Have you been trying to land more jobs through real estate agents? It can have the potential to become very lucrative for you. One letter can lead to new contacts. These new contacts can lead to new jobs! Once you get in with a realtor, they tend to call you over and over again for [...]

Tips on getting commercial lawn care properties.

Everyone has a different method on gaining commercial lawn care properties, but some methods work better than others. Some lawn care business owners tend to be stand offish when marketing to commercial properties. They may visit a location, hand their business card to a secretary at the first desk they see and then walk out. [...]

What I learned from burning out and getting back into the game.

Here is a great story on how a lawn care business owner got burnt out then took a break. When he finally got back into the game, he realized how much he had learned over the years and those lessons really helped him get his business going much faster the second time around. He wrote [...]

I want to spray pesticides and fertilizers but I am scared of the what if’s.

If you think something can go wrong with a service you are providing, you can pretty well guarantee it will. At a certain point, when you do something enough times, you are going to run out of luck, but how should you defend yourself against the worst case scenario? That is what this lawn care [...]

Spring lawn care packages and marketing plan.

As you gear your lawn care business up for your spring marketing, you may be thinking of ways to stand out from competitors in your area. Depending on the area you live in and the type of customers you are marketing to, one idea that could help you stand apart is by offering lawn care [...]

How to use one time mowings as a sales tool.

To develop a long term lawn care customer, you don’t necessarily need to sell them the farm the first time you present them a bid. You might find, starting with small services, in this case, even one time mowings, may help break the ice and give the customer a chance to experience your level of [...]

Should you use a line trimmer to edge a lawn?

There are many time saving secrets professional lawn mowing crews use to get a property completed in as short of time as possible, but are there any downsides to doing it? With more speed, you may think quality would suffer. But maybe quality doesn’t suffer bad enough to necessitate the purchase of an edger and [...]

How to prevent yourself from burning out and fading away.

Have you ever heard the old saying ‘can’t see the forest for the trees?’ In it’s simplest form, it means a person fails to see the big picture because they get so caught up in small and minor details. This is an issue that can effect many lawn care business owners. In this discussion on [...]

Why you should blog to get more lawn care customers.

Are you looking for an edge to get more lawn care customers and improve your website rankings on search engines? I am sure you are. Who isn’t! There are many ways to gain an advantage over a competitor and a lot of times it simply comes down to who is willing to put in that [...]

When employees take on jobs without you knowing.

Even when everything is running smoothly with your lawn care business, employees are still an X-factor. You just never know what they are going to do. Unless you are there, on the job site, supervising everything, something is bound to go wrong. Here is a fine example, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, on [...]

Why a tractor is better at snow plowing than a truck.

Do you live in an area where it snows? Is snow plowing a service you currently or would like to perform in the future? Are you concerned about attaching a snow plow to the front of your truck for fear it will send it to an early grave? Why not then consider a compact utility [...]

How working with friends can turn into a mess.

When you get your lawn care business started, many times you have no idea what you are doing because this business world is new to you. Since you have a limited working knowledge of how to run your business, you may look to your friends for help and support. That is all fine and well [...]