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Should you burn bridges when you don’t get paid?

No one likes to work for a company and not get paid for doing it. There are many ways to resolve payment issues and move on with life. However, what should you do when you are working for cash, under the table and not reporting the income? You enter into a murky world that is [...]

How to combat lowball lawn care ads.

You see them on craigslist daily. You see them in your local newspaper ads. You may even see them in a flyer stuck in your front door. Lowball lawn care ads. They seem to be everywhere! What’s a legitimate lawn care business owner to do when confronted with so many unregistered and unlicensed businesses? That [...]

A free marketing method to get more lawn care customers.

You can never have enough marketing ideas written down to experiment with. As you try them, you will find some work well for you while others may not. Continue your marketing experimentation with the ones you find that work. Change one variable about them and try again. See if you got better or worse results [...]

Why I am getting out of snow plowing.

Different services will make more money in some areas while less money in others. That is just a simple fact based on the laws of supply and demand. Snow plowing is also effected by weather conditions. Certain areas will get hit with more snow than others and past snow fall rates do not necessarily help [...]

How to bid a small pond installation.

Expanding from lawn care to offering pond installations shouldn’t be a difficult step for most lawn care business owners. Using the right tools can help you minimize the man hours spent on a job site. Before you start marketing pond installation services, you should consider building one on your own property at first, just to [...]

Trying to stand out by price is a bad move.

Every lawn care business owner wants to find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The goal is, if you can differentiate yourself, you will increase your value and can ultimately charge more because of it. People will pay a premium for lawn care if you meet their needs. If you do good work. [...]

Should I expand by getting a wood chipper?

There are plenty of services you can offer in the lawn care and landscaping field. The list of services you can offer is limited only by your imagination. If you ask your customers questions and keep your eyes open for different services they could utilize, you may find certain services could be used more so [...]

Why I decided to not expand to two lawn care crews.

It seems like it is the dream of most lawn care business owners to scale up from one lawn mowing crew to two lawn care crews as quickly as possible. There are upsides to it. You should make more money, your business will be bigger, but there are also downsides to scaling up that should [...]

Common commercial lawn care marketing mistakes.

There are plenty of ways to market to commercial lawn care properties but many of them are a waste of time. Time is money and when you are spending time & money marketing, you want to make sure you are getting the greatest return for your efforts. Here is a great example from the Gopher [...]

Lawn care business advice from a 20 year veteran.

Any lawn care business owner that can make it through their first year, is going to learn from a wealth of experiences. When we research lawn care business failure rates, the toughest year seems to be the first one. But can you imagine how much you would learn after 20 years in business? We got [...]

The results of my lawn care marketing.

We all like to see the results others get from their lawn care marketing. Sometimes a marketing idea really takes off and helps propel a lawn care business. Other times, disappointing results can lead to the end of a lawn care business. Here is some insight from a new lawn care business owner who experimented [...]

Why you shouldn’t rush growth on your lawn care business.

Most lawn care business owners tend to want to get their landscaping business big and as soon as possible. They see no downside to such growth and instead only think of what they feel are all the positive things that come along with growing larger. Yet when you get a chance to talk to a [...]

Does radio advertising work for lawn care businesses?

Once your business name and number get into the local phone book or newspaper, you can be sure a radio advertising salesman will soon try and get a hold of you. They will promise your message will reach out to thousands of listeners just waiting to hear what you have to say. Sure the cost [...]

Before you consider hiring a sub-contractor, read this.

The world would be such a wonderful place if you could quickly scale your business up or down throughout the different seasons with the help of sub-contractors. What if a customer called up and asked you to snow plow his driveway or trim a tree and you didn’t offer any of those services, you could [...]

How lowballing will burn you out and bleed you dry.

When you don’t charge enough for lawn care services, you are going to burn yourself out. There is no worse feeling than to work hard all week, month, season and at the end of the year, look at your bank account to see you are broke. Here is a great example from the Gopher Lawn [...]

Should you give lawn care bids over the phone?

People want immediate gratification and lawn care customers are no different. So when a lawn care customer sees your advertisement and calls you, should you give them a bid for lawn care service over the phone? That is the question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and the answer may surprise you.

How to market at a home show on the cheap.

Most new lawn care business owners don’t have much money to spend when they are initially getting their lawn care business started so any lawn care marketing tips or tricks they learn can really come in handy. Here is a great tip on how to market your lawn care business on the cheap at your [...]

How to market to kids and get more lawn care business.

You can learn a lot from the veterans of the lawn care industry if you take the time to listen to what they have to say. Instead of going off on your own and trying new untested lawn care marketing ideas, how about experimenting with one that works. Here for instance is a lawn care [...]

Answers to newbie lawn care business owner questions.

Any new lawn care business owner is most certainly going to have a lot of questions about running their business. Here are a few questions that came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum from a new lawn care business owner who was having some difficulties getting started. Below each question are some answers [...]