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Top Of Mind Awareness for your lawn care business.

Top Of Mind Awareness is the main goal of every lawn care business interested in growth. Think about it, if someone called your business and said ‘you were the first people we thought of for this job’ wouldn’t that absolutely make your day? Doesn’t higher customer awareness = higher sales = higher profits? It [...]

Hardscape and irrigation job bidding & marketing tips.

We all wonder what are those successful lawn care business owners doing that makes them so successful? Sometimes a little tip here or there can really help get your business on the right track to make good money. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, shared with us some of his secrets and [...]

How to install a new mulch bed.

Installing a new mulch bed sounds simple enough of a job until you are presented with such a job and have never done it before. Then you start to think about all the different ways you could go about doing it and then wonder to yourself, which way is best and will take the least [...]

8,000 lawn care customers and want more, but how? Pt.2

To continue on with our discussion on direct mail marketing from the post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum a member wrote about her attempts to help push her lawn care business past the 8,000 customer number.
She wrote “The 300K mailings we send out per year is not 100% targeted. I would say [...]

Lawn care business tips, tricks, & secrets

If you haven’t started your lawn care business yet, what are you waiting for? If you don’t start your lawn care business this year, you’ll be at least one year older when you do, so get started today!
The vast majority of new lawn care businesses fail. Most of the time they fail [...]

8,000 lawn care customers and want more, but how? Pt.1

Talk about a big lawn care operation. This one business has the size to surely dwarf most of it’s competitors in the area. They are now servicing 8,000 lawn care customers over a wide area but have hit a wall. Provided below is a great inside look at how a large lawn care business markets [...]

How often should you change your mower blades?

The sharper your mower blades are, the better the cut. But how often should you be sharpening your mower blades? Daily? Weekly? Every two weeks? I asked the members on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum how often they sharpen their mower blades. Understandably, I got a lot of varied responses but the benefit to [...]

Lawn care markerting idea with a restaurant.

There are many opportunities out there to work with another local business to pool your resources together and get your marketing messages out. Some may work great while others may fall flat. The first thing you need to ask yourself when creating a marketing idea, is if that idea will be connecting with your potential [...]

Figuring out man hours can be confusing.

Figuring out what to charge on a lawn care or landscaping project based on man hour totals can be tricky, especially for the newer business owner. It is one of those many things that can trip you up if you are not paying attention to it. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum [...]

A simple hand drawn landscape design can help you sell.

When you are trying to convey a landscape design idea to your customer or are trying to figure out what they want, nothing beats being able to create a simple hand drawn design. A hand drawn design will allow you and the customer to get a better visualization on a landscape project. It also allows [...]

How do your employees represent you and your company?

You could have spent tens of thousands of dollars this year on a new truck, trailer, vehicles signs and equipment all to impress your customer base and the pool of potential customers in your area, but one small misstep by an employee can make your efforts worthless. How your employees represent you and your lawn [...]

Don’t mow lawns, solve problems.

We, as people, tend to look at things from a short sighted perspective. We think if our business is mowing lawns, that we should market our service simply as ‘you need your lawn mower? called us.’ This concept tends to work on a smaller scale but as we are looking to grow and want to [...]