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A mower hour meter tip that can save you thousands $$$.

Most commercial mowers will come with  a factory installed hour meter mower. These meters are very important. They can tell you when you need to change your oil. When your mower will need an overhaul. Most importantly, they help determine the resale value of your mower. Whether you are buying a mower or selling one. [...]

Getting municipal government lawn care accounts.

When you think of the different kind of customer to target in your business plan, you probably think of the usual residential and commercial customers. But what if you expanded your horizon and thought a little outside the box. Could you provide lawn care service to your local municipal government? Would they be a great [...]

How my landscape trailer was stolen.

We learn a lot of great lessons about business and life on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Some of these lessons stand out more than others. This specific lesson I felt was real important for everyone to read in order to have a head’s up about theft of lawn care equipment. The more you [...]

Trailer park lawn care bid.

Performing lawn care for a trailer park can differ a little from mowing residential homes. The plots are usually a lot smaller but there is also a lot more trimming than mowing. What’s the best way to price a mobile home bid? Is it even worth it? That is what one member of the Gopher [...]

Passing on a large lawn care bid.

Most lawn care business owners tend to think you need to take every bid that comes your way. The truth of it though is sometimes you need to know when to say no. Sometimes scaling up to take on a larger bid can throw off the delicate balance you have created in your business. More [...]

Self re-newing lawn care contracts a good idea?

Do you find it difficult to keep your lawn care customers from year to year? At the end of the year are you in panic mode trying to get all your customers to re-sign back up with you the next year? It seems some lawn care business owners have this problem while others do not. [...]

When is the right time to get lawn care customers?

What a great discussion this is. Trying to figure out when is the right time to get lawn care customers. If you are new to the lawn care business or you haven’t started yet, you could potentially be picking different times of the year when you think it would be the best. You might even [...]

Should I buy this lawn care business?

Buying an already functioning lawn care business is a way to get started with a bang. The upside to it is you should immediately have cash flow and hopefully a positive cash flow at that. But there are plenty of downsides to it as well. You need to weigh the pro’s and con’s before you [...]

Know your lawn care customer’s quirks.

There is or should be a getting to know your customer period when you first get them signed up. Asking them questions and learning their quirks can lead to a long and profitable customer experience. Some lawn care business owners will try to force their view onto their customer and it tends to lead to [...]