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How to land restaurants and hotels as lawn care clients.

Any time I hear about how a great story on how a lawn care business owner landed some commercial accounts, I like to share the story with everyone to help you see how others do it. We all need to hear stories and experiences from others in order to broaden our horizons. This story came [...]

Should you ever accept unprofitable landscaping jobs?

Lawn care business owners are in business to make money. It’s plain and simple. But are there ever times when it is alright to accept a lawn care or landscaping job when you know it won’t be profitable? Are there any upsides to doing this and if so, what are they? That is what one [...]

Going big come hell or high water with my lawn care marketing.

You’d be amazed how much business you could drum up if you put your mind to it. Most lawn care business owners tend to spend more time working on jobs than marketing. What if you stepped up your marketing effort a little more? If you did, where would you put that additional energy? Would you [...]

Should I buy an office for my lawn care business?

When it comes to running the back office of your lawn care business, where do most lawn care businesses operate this from? Do they run it out of their home or do they buy office space? What about equipment storage? Where do they keep everything at the end of the day? Some lawn care business [...]

Home built landscape trailer gate assist.

A lawn care business owner shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum a landscape trailer gate assist he made.
He wrote “I built this gate assist for my trailer so the gate would be easier to lift. I used a garage door spring that I had laying around. It didn’t take long at [...]

How to estimate a top soil installation job.

Have you been asked by any of your lawn care customers to give them a bid on adding some topsoil to their property? Did you find you were at a loss as to how to estimate such a job? A lawn care business owner had this issue and asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business [...]

Listening to your lawn care customers can make a big difference.

I know it sounds so cliche to say listen to your lawn care customers, but I think this is one of those simple issues that is way to often overlooked. One lawn care business got on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and shared with us a story on how he has been able to [...]

7 Tips to improve your lawn care website’s search engine ranking.

Does your lawn care business have a website? If you do, congratulations you are ahead of the game. Many new lawn care business owners put off a website for far too long. It’s important to have a website to attract lawn care customers that are searching the internet for local lawn care providers. But just [...]

How I found commercial lawn care property bids in my area.

Finding commercial lawn care bids is not as difficult as you may think. Most times it comes down to picking up the phone and finding who to talk to or simply visiting the establishment and asking a few questions. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did when he found [...]

Offering car wash incentives to get customers to sign up.

A lot of lawn care business owners have experiences and skills from others industries that may not seem to mesh with lawn care at first glance. With some creativity, they may end up meshing perfectly. Take for instance this new lawn care business owner who shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

When is enough, enough? When should I get out?

I think most new lawn care business owners will go through a time when they sit for a moment and really question what it is they are doing. Are they making enough? Do they have enough customers? Is this business of theirs going to work or is it failing and they just haven’t accepted it [...]