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Need help winning church and commercial lawn care bids?

There are many paths you can take your lawn care business when you want it to grow. You can focus on residential. Or maybe focus on commercial lawn care. Many newer lawn care business owners like to try and get their feet wet in commercial work as soon as they have a few residential customers. [...]

How to keep your lawn care customers all year long.

It can be really difficult to keep your lawn care customers signed up with you for service all year long, especially when the season slows down. If you lose contact with them during the slow months, it can be tough to get in touch with them to sign up and start again in the Spring. [...]

Create a vision and sell the vision.

For a lawn care customer, it can be very difficult to envision how their property can be transformed from a bland empty area into a well landscaped masterpiece. That is where you come in. You would be surprised on how many more landscape sales you could make if only you took a moment to see [...]

Should you charge more for out of town customers?

Do you have customers who own properties in your area but live elsewhere? Do they require you to perform additional tasks local customers don’t need? Servicing out of town customers can be more challenging than servicing local customers. Here is a great story that came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. If you [...]

Make more money with party rental services.

Lawn care business owners are always looking for ways to make more money from their current customer base. Here are some simple upsell ideas you could offer without having to invest much in up front costs. You already service a customer’s property and that can help them prepare for Spring and Summer parties. What if [...]

Brush hauling money making tip.

There are many tricks of the trade you simply won’t pick up on until you have spent years experimenting. After much trial and error, you may come across some money and time saving tips but there is a good chance you won’t learn them all. That is why reading is so important. It’s always better [...]

As you grow you want to focus.

Trying to generate positive cash flow is very difficult for any new business early on. Offering many additional services can be a way to prime the pump and get all the gears of your business working. But there is a point that some believe you need to stop offering those additional services that are not [...]

How to sell additional work to your lawn care customers.

As an lawn care entrepreneur, you are most likely keeping your eye open for additional work above and beyond lawn mowing. Although some tend to disagree with offering additional services, it seems those who keep their eyes open for extra work, tend to find it and find success.
A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business [...]

Don’t know what to charge that commercial property? Ask them.

This was a very novel approach to estimating a commercial lawn care job. I don’t often see this happen but I guess it goes to show you, it never hurts to ask. This is especially true when you are talking to a new client that is switching lawn care service providers. If you take the [...]

Lawn care business tax tips.

I want to say first off, I am not an accountant nor are any of the forum members who took part in this discussion. We are business owners, sharing with you some of our insight. If something here piques your curiousity, please bring the topic up with your accountant to learn more about it.
As tax [...]

Lawn care equipment downtime costs money.

When you are just starting up your lawn care business, you will most likely use whatever equipment you can get your hands on. Whether it be commercial or consumer grade equipment. But as you are in business for a longer period of time, you will most likely move towards using commercial grade equipment. But from [...]

Best way to pay for lawn equipment.

There are many ways to pay for the equipment your business needs. You can buy equipment outright. You can borrow the entire cost of the equipment. Or you can do a combination of the two. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum does. It’s a really interesting way to pay [...]

The biggest mistakes made by lawn care contractors.

Have you ever sat back and wondered what it is that is keeping your lawn care business from growing? Do you find it difficult to talk with new people? Do you have a difficult time trying to sell yourself and your services? If you do, you are not alone. I had a discussion on the [...]

Charge more for picky lawn care customers?

What do lawn care customers want? Their requirements can vary widely. Some may simply want the township off their back and not care how their lawn looks. Others will be very meticulous and want high quality lawn care service. What should you do when you service a customer with a smaller mower and then scale [...]

Lawn care employees and incentives.

Many lawn care business owners I have met on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum have found success through a lot of trial and error. Talking about what works and what doesn’t gives us all a chance to move on quickly from what isn’t working to find what is. One lawn care business owner in [...]

1 man, 2 man or 3 man lawn mowing crew. What’s best?

Most lawn care business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency. Is it more efficient to run a 1, 2 or 3 man crew? Sure everyone will have their own opinion on this but in a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we got a chance to talk with a business [...]

Ways to make more money with your lawn care business.

We all love to make more money and are constantly looking for new ways to do it. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had a great idea on how to make more cash. He shared with us this story that inspired his new idea.
He wrote “my wife and I came up with [...]

Apartment complex bid example.

Jumping from residential lawn care to offering commercial lawn care can be tough on a newer lawn care business owner because you just aren’t used to estimating larger properties. With no example to go by you may greatly underestimate the amount of time it would take you to mow and underestimate the amount you should [...]

Lawn care estimating for beginners.

Coming up with the proper rate to charge your lawn care customers can be difficult, especially when you are just getting started. It seems that newer businesses tend to underestimate the amount of time a job will take and therefor underestimate the price the job should be bid at.
A member of the Gopher Lawn Care [...]

Is my new lawn care business on track?

We all want to know where we stand compared to others in the industry that have been in business for a similar time we have been. Are we ahead of others or are we lagging behind? It’s impossible to know if we live our lives in a vacuum. That is why a new lawn care [...]

Out giving a mowing estimate & neighbor called the cops.

When I read this discussion I really thought it covered a pretty big issue that I think the lawn care business owner just didn’t see. Then it got me thinking, we all might be doing things that we may just not realize we could be doing differently and getting better results. In this situation a [...]

Choose your lawn care business slogan carefully.

When you are coming up with a slogan or a tag line for your lawn care business you really have to think about it and look at it through the eyes of the potential customer. In fact, if you have a few slogans you are considering, you should run them by some friends or family [...]

The pitfalls and dirty tricks of buying lawn care accounts.

When times are tough, we all tend to get a little desperate and look for a short cut or a quick way to make things better. There are also those who prey upon others looking to make a quick buck so we need to constantly be on the watch. A prime example of where a [...]