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$10 off lawn care customer coupon marketing idea.

What if, instead of lawn care business cards, you had coupons printed up that were the size of dollar bills. You could hold them in your wallet and when you handed them to people, they could keep it in their wallet as well.
You could hand these out to current customers to give to their friends [...]

How many welcome letters should each lawn care customer get?

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I am constantly learning new things on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. The things that amaze me the most are the things that I just would have never thought of without the help of others. Take for example this simple topic. How many welcome [...]

How to get your lawn care business to rank in the top 7 out of 10 search engine results.

Search engine optimization 101 for lawn care businesses.
You can put together a great looking site but people need to find it when they are searching for lawn service. How do you get your site to appear when a potential customer is looking for lawn care service? You need to know what they are looking for [...]

Holiday cookie lawn care customer retention idea

We have been talking about how to start up different kinds of businesses on here lately and it got me thinking. What if you or your gf/wife always wanted to start a bakery kind of business but wanted to start small at first. Maybe you wanted to start with cookies. You could create a website [...]

3 month before and after lawn care customer retention letter sample.

One important thing to remember is that most lawn care customers who are going to cancel service will cancel it shortly after signing up with you. From another post, a forum member who studied this said “When researching our cancellation history I found that most of the cancelled lawn care accounts had been cancelled within [...]

Free mowing special offer. One week only, yard sign.

When you drive around town, I am sure you see plenty of realty sign. Realtors can be quite creative in their marketing and we can learn a lot from them. What if you wanted to build out your lawn care route more and wanted to get more customers in the area where you have current [...]

Lawn of the Month marketing campaign.

Here is a lawn care marketing idea that could use to attract new business with little investment.
What if you created a lawn of the month contest. Create a yard sign that says lawn of the month and each month pick a different lawn you service to become the lawn of the month. Stick the yard [...]

Fall home and yard cleanup dumpster flyer added.

I just added a flyer you can use to promote your lawn care business fall home and yard clean up. The flyer’s title says Fall Clean Up Week. Then in the text below, it says you are a neighbor who owns your own lawn care business and you have rented a dumpster for one week [...]

Are leaf sweepers a good option for professional landscapers?

Are you looking for another way to pick up leaves from lawns you service during the fall? One of our forum members made a post in the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum and asked “Anybody using lawn sweepers to pick up leaves? I’m thinking that in some situations, this may the faster way to [...]

Lawn care business commercial property bid cover letter sample.

When your lawn care business is submitting a bid for property maintenance, consider including this bid cover letter sample. It’s a great way to look professional and improve your chances at winning the lawn care bid.
Mr. Smith
123 Main St
Anytown, USA 90210
(800) 123-4567
RE: Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Dear Mr. Smith,
Thank you for inviting XXXX Lawn Care [...]

End of lawn care season customer letter sample.

I added a great end of the lawn care season letter sample you can download and use for your lawn care business. This is a great way to reach out to your lawn care customers and say thank you.
10 Any Street
Yourcity, STATE 87392
Dear Customer,
I would like to thank you again for choosing Smith Landscaping for [...]

Positive press is good for your lawn care business.

Positive press can have a tremendous influence on how the public perceives you and your business. When people in your community hold you in high regard, they will want to hire you or purchase products from you. They will also pay a premium to do business with you because of the high level of goodwill [...]

Snow plow and property maintenance letter.

If you are looking to provide snow plowing services or property management services to home owners, here is a great sample letter you can send out in fall to line up potential customers. Tom wrote on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum “I provide property care taking and snow removal service during the non [...]

When should your lawn care business send thank you letters?

Reaching out to your lawn care customers and letting them know they are appreciated is very important. This is all too often overlooked because the average lawn care business owner is just simply overwhelmed with the day to day activities of running his business. As a small business owner, you have many great opportunities to [...]

Why the cheapest lawn care bid doesn’t always win.

New lawn care business owners tend to enter the market by bidding their jobs lower than others. This may work at times but as you grow, you will see problems with this lawn care marketing attack plan. The first problem is that you may be losing money on the work you are doing or just [...]

How to lower your lawn care business fuel costs.

Gas prices can play a huge factor in the profitability of a lawn care business. If you are looking for ways to lower your fuel costs consider these ideas post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum by our friend Joel. If you have ideas on how to lower your fuel costs, please join in [...]

Suggestions for a new lawn care business trying to break into the marketplace.

There is a huge void in business knowledge. Most of us never get any training on how to run a lawn care business, or how to build a lawn care business. If you are a new business owner you are hit with a double whammy. You don’t know much about the service you are providing [...]

Lawn Care Business Customer Referral letter sample.

If you are looking to increase your lawn care customer base, a great way to do it is by increasing your referrals. How do you increase your referrals? You can start by simply asking your current customers to help you out with a letter. You would be amazed at how your current customer base would [...]

How to improve your lawn care customer retention rates.

How to improve your lawn care customer retention rates.
Every year a lawn care company is in business they will see their customer list recede a certain percentage. They may lose customers for many many reasons but one thing is for certain, each lawn care company will have a specific customer retention rate. That is the [...]

How your lawn care business can winterize irrigation systems and make money.

How your lawn care business can winterize irrigation systems and make money.
Winterizing lawn irrigation systems is a great add on service that is easy to do and can bring you in some good money in the fall. John wrote in to the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and asked how to do this. You can [...]

What’s more profitable for a lawn care business, small or large yards?

What’s more profitable for a lawn care business, small or large yards?
This is such a great question and I am glad it was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. There are down sides and up sides to going each way. For instance, if you service a lot of smaller accounts, no one [...]

Lawn care customer retention gift idea.

Recently we have been talking about how new lawn care customers should be sent a letter and some type of gift to help improve customer retention and minimize buyers remorse. This should be sent within the first month of service to minimize buyer remorse and improve customer retention. An inexpensive gift idea is a collection [...]

Spring & Fall home and yard clean up service idea for your lawn care business.

Anyone who has a house and a yard tends to collect a lot of junk they wish they could just get rid of each year. Sometimes though it’s such a pain in the butt to get rid of the stuff, that it just collects.
It’s a pain to haul it to the curb. Or the town [...]

Fall leaf clean up marketing idea with inflatable halloween decorations.

You could even take this idea one step further and put up an inflatable halloween display on your property and maybe at the home of your family or friends in town too to help promote your services further.
Join this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
Use a stencil on the inflatable display.

Afterwards, you have [...]

How to promote leaf clean up services for your lawn care business.

If you are out in your area raking up leaves and you want to promote the service further to neighbors in the area, why not try this. Get some pumpkin leaf bags and on the blank side on the back, use a stencil to spray in your lawn care business phone number and maybe the [...]

What keeps your lawn care business small?

One of our forum members created a post to show off part of his fleet of lawn care business trucks in this post at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In the post I had a great opportunity to learn a little about what stops most small lawn care businesses from ever getting themselves up [...]

Who would you hire to cut your lawn?

When you are showing up to meet a new potential customer, how would you rate the first impression you make?
Rob asked this great question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
“What do you guys drive when you give bids. I am not a huge company so a lot of the time I take my personal [...]

5 simple ways to improve your lawn care business.

When you are trying to get your lawn care business to grow, think of these 5 simple steps you can easily follow. Join this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
Charles wrote “I currently have a lawn mowing only operation, and it’s worked out very well for me. My travel time is very low [...]

Pumpkin & lawn care business card marketing.

I am always keeping my eye out for new and creative marketing ideas that can be applied to the lawn care business and I saw one that I thought was great.
Realtors who have any chance at making money know they need to keep their name out, especially when people are looking to sell their homes. [...]

When I cut the grass the top blades of grass turn brown. Why?

Have you ever found yourself cutting lawns and noticing after you cut the lawn, the tips of the grass blades are turning brown? That’s a question posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by Frank.
Frank: “I was wondering if anyone can help me out! I’m new fairly new to the commercial end of the [...]