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Lawn Care marketing direct mail response rates.

Most lawn care business owner’s experiment with direct mail for their lawn care marketing and often wonder what kind of response rate they should be seeing.
Justin sent out mailings for his lawn care business and asked this very question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
Justin’s flyers were for a stump removal promotion he was [...]

Is striping lawns a normal service?

James posted a great question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that you can join in on here. He asked “Is striping lawns a normal service?”
Tom: “I think it depends on where you are. In the south grasses such as bermuda and zoysia do not stripe well at all because of their growth habits [...]

Are you offering lawn mower repair services this fall and winter?

This fall and winter when things slow down, have you considered offering lawn mower repair services? Join in on this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.
Here are some services you could offer this year and prices you could consider charging.
6-point At-Home push mower service: $55

Change and dispose oil
Replace spark plug
Clean the under [...]

How many lawns are you cutting with a 3 man crew?

A great question came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you can join in here.
Q: How many lawns can you cut with a 3 man lawn care crew?
Chuck responded by saying: “I currently run a 3 man crew (myself & 2 helpers). One truck, one trailer, 2 zt’s, 3 trimmers, 3 blowers, [...]

Are you watching your lawn care business operating expense? You could be shocked!

This has got to be one of the most insightful business posts I have seen in a while on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. You can join in by visiting that link.
Barry wrote us and said he was looking into buying a lawn care business. After spending a week with the lawn care business, [...]

Free Lawn Care Irrigation Winterization Postcard Template

A post was recently made on winterizing irrigation systems and I thought maybe I should put together a simple postcard you could use to promote your irrigation winterization services.
I hope this helps. Download the fullsize postcard in the free postcard template section.
If you are trying to figure out how much to charge for such a [...]

Fall leaf clean up lawn sign ideas.

How cool would it be if you could get a whole bunch of these fall leaf clean up lawn signs? Have them cut into the proper shape and then insert them through out the neighborhoods you service.

It would be a really neat and visual way to offer your fall leaf lawn clean up services.

Here is [...]

Dog waste clean up franchise idea

If I were to make a dog waste clean up franchise, I would call it Pooper Scooters. The pooper scooter would have a trailer attached to it that would have a large sign to promote it. It would also have a shovel and a utility box to hold bags, invoices etc.

The rider’s helmet would have [...]

Outdoor Halloween decorations and lawn care marketing idea.

I think Halloween is a great time to be doing outdoor decorations. One of the things you could do this season is really decorate your own property and front door. Then stick a Halloween decoration yard sign in your front lawn along with many other yards in your area. It would be really quick and [...]

Lawn Choppers - lawn care business franchise with motorcycles!

How about this. What if you were a motorcycle enthusiast and you wanted to mix your love of motorcycles with a lawn care business. You could create the first lawn care business that uses motorcycles! It is a unique idea and it would get you a lot of media attention.
Join this discussion further at the [...]

GopherHaul 27 - Lawn Care Software Business Forum Show

Title: GopherHaul 27 - Lawn Care Software Business Forum Show
Show description:
Hello and welcome to GopherHaul 27 - Lawn Care Software Business Forum Show
First off I’d like to say hi to everyone after this summer’s hiatus from producing the GopherHaul Show.
There has a lot that has been going on.
If you haven’t noticed, the Gopher Forum has [...]

The landscaping and lawn care business plan startup guide.

New lawn care business book now available.
The landscaping and lawn care business plan startup guide.
If you ever had thought about starting your own lawn care or landscaping business but weren’t sure how to go about putting together a business plan, this book will show you examples of lawn care business plans created on the Gopher [...]

Run for president and gain media attention on yourself and your business.

In the past we talked a little about this idea.
If you put up lawn signs along the road and they are for your lawn care business, they will get pulled. But what if you were running for president? Your lawn signs would stay up and the local media would want to know all about what [...]

Keep on the look out for used commercial lawn care equipment.

Used commercial lawn care equipment can be a real bargain! It’s lifespan can last more than 10 times that of a consumer lawn mower. Think about that!
Rick: “Here is my first and only Deere. I purchased at an auction near me for only $75! It is a 14sx commercial John Deere with a bagger side [...]

Market and promote your lawn care business with a pumpkin painting day!

This October, why not have a pumpkin painting day in your neighborhood. You could either charge a couple of bucks to the parents per pumpkin, or even better would be to just do it for free as a way to build up good public relations in your area.
Create yard signs to promote this. Maybe ask [...]

Does Lawn Care make you crazy? Free Lawn care postcard template download.

Download the full size file in the free lawn care postcard section here.
Lawn Care Postcard
Here is the latest Crazy Hillary Lawn Care Postcard. Does lawn care make you crazy? We will bring back your sanity.
Call us and save 10% off your next lawn care service if you tell us this postcard made you laugh.
This is [...]

Fall and winter lawn care marketing idea with Poinsettias, mums and a farmer’s market.

When Fall arrives, here is a great lawn care marketing idea. It’s a two part marketing idea. First you order a large amount of Poinsettias or mums to hand out to your customers. Then with the flowers you have left, why not consider setting up a farmer’s market style display in your area. Maybe at [...]

New lawn care t-shirts.

I thought these new lawn care shirts that Tony posted, really stood out. The yellow one is a silk screened tshirt. The other shirt is printed directly to the shirt by a printer! Isn’t that cool? So you can get full color shirts with no set up fee. Lawn care t-shirts are an easy way [...]

Free Green Grass Lawn Care Postcard Template

Here is a Free Green Grass Lawn Care Postcard you can download and use. I will show you the preview here and add the larger sized image in the free lawn care postcard section here.
I hope you are able to use it.

How to estimate and market stump grinding.

I had a great opportunity to interview Eric who offers stump grinding services and sells used stump grinders about the business of stump grinding. You can read more about this topic on the post at The Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.
Steve: “Can you share with us some of your insight on how a lawn [...]

Mark your snow plow customer driveways before it snows to avoid problems.

Rob recently shared with us some of his tips and tricks on how to perform snow plowing for your residential lawn care customer accounts. You can join the conversation further on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One of his suggestions was this. Do get your snow plow accounts in place before it snows so [...]

New free lawn care business door hanger template.

Here is a new free lawn care business door hanger template. It asks the homeowner to think of 5 things they would like to change about their lawn or landscape. Then it asks the homeowner to call you to discuss how to make those things a reality.
Feel free to download this door hanger or others [...]

Newspaper bag lawn care business leaf cleanup marketing idea.

Newspapers are being received by homeowners every day of the week. So why not consider this lawn care marketing idea. Get a bunch of newspaper bags printed with different seasonal messages. For the fall you could get ‘Leaf Cleaup Call Us.’
Then get the local newspaper delivery person to use your bags in the delivery. [...]

Vernon gets a lawn care business makeover. New logo and lawn care door hangers.

Vernon had posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that he was in need of a logo and some marketing material for his lawn care business. Bob from put together some great lawn care marketing material that I wanted to show you.
New lawn care logo.

Lawn care door hangers #1.

Lawn Care Door Hanger #2.

Landscaping [...]

Lawn Care Flyer & Seed Envelope marketing idea.

Rob posted a unique lawn care marketing idea. He took one of the free lawn care flyer templates from the Gopher Forum and attached a small envelope he created to hold some lawn seeds.
Rob: “You’ll love this one. I took the “Sorry about the noise” lawn care flyer, edited it for myself, put a spot [...]

What every lawn care employee should be taught.

Do you ever wonder how much training your employees should be given? For instance , do they need to be trained on how to change belts? Or is that just something that would be too much for most of them?”
Tim: “All employee’s should be trained on every minor mechanical repair detail you can do in [...]

Create a check list to win over commercial lawn care jobs.

Here is are a few great ideas on how to land commercial lawn care jobs. You can join this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.
John: “I need some help here. The new lawn care season will be coming and I was wondering how lawn care business owners find out which lawn care contracts [...]

Important phone numbers - Lawn care magnet marketing idea.

Here is an idea to make sure your magnet sticks around.
Get a list of local important numbers in the area.
Town numbers like the mayor, police, library, water and sewer dept. You can find most of these on your towns websites.
Then list other numbers like local pizzerias, sub shops, and others.
Maybe get a local electrician, plumber, [...]

Do’s and Dont’s of the snow plowing business.

In a great discussion on running your snow plowing business at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, our friend Rob, shared with us some of his insights.
Here are some of his do’s and dont’s of the snow plowing business.

Do not do one price fits all season. Per push only.
Do not charge less than $25 per [...]

Have you seen me free lawn care business flyer.

As I was going through my neighborhood the other day, I saw a sign posted on a telephone pole for a lost animal. People who were walking by stopped to read the flyer!
Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t this be a great way to attract new potential lawn care customers?
Here is a lawn care flyer [...]