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How to get your Lawn Care Web Site ranked high in search engines.

In GopherHaul 16 we talked about a few tips on how to get your lawn care business website ranked high in search engines.
Keep in mind when a customer searches for a lawn care business in their area, they most likely will not be searching for your specific business by name. Instead they will be searching [...]

GopherHaul 16 Lawn Care Entrepreneur Business Show Released

GopherHaul 16 is now online.
In this episode we will be talking about some new free downloads we have added to our lawn care business forum.

One is a flyer and the other is a lawn care business bid proposal template.

Next we will be talking about a new section we have added to the lawn care business [...]

Lawn Care Marketing Idea Adopt-A-Park

We are about to vote on new politicians around the country. One thing that is on everyone’s mind is how can taxes be lowered.

Well, this is something that could actually put you and your business in the spotlight. What if you offered to adopt-A-Park. You could contact your local council members and offer to maintain [...]

Free Lawn Care Business Proposal Template

I’d like to thank Brandon for posting this lawn care business proposal contract. It is in Microsoft Word format. If you don’ have that program, download the free version from
You can download this template in our lawn care business forum here.

What a great lawn care flyer

Our friend Ozzy had posted this flyer he had gotten made for his lawn care business. I really thought this flyer was visually stunning. It just stands out and grabs your attention.
You can read more about this flyer here on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

The Lawn Care Business Fund Raiser Card marketing idea

Ok how about this. You get cards printed for a local school to help them raise money for whatever. Then you get an agreement that you will be the only lawn care business to take part in this offer.
Then the student go out and sell the cards and you get all this great word of [...]

New lawn care flyer to market to home sellers

Would you like to sign up new customers for a year’s worth of lawn care service? Why not market your lawn care service to those trying to sell their homes!
I think the homeowners would be more willing to spend on something like this if it helped them get their home sold. The best part about [...]

Fixing up and Selling mowers for extra money

I was talking to a lawn care operator who repairs and fixes up discarded mowers. In fact, people actually know him to drop off their old unwanted mowers and he fixes them up and sells them. Check out his inventory. He even has a hedge trimmer for sale on the far left.
Why not!
Maybe this is [...]

Custom printed candy to market your lawn care business

Halloween will be here shortly. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could have some custom printed M&M’s to deliver a marketing message to the kids in your neighborhood? This would certainly stand out.
You could even have your children hand out these M&M’s at school, possible along with a business card ad that promoted 10% off [...]

How your lawn care business should price a fall leaf cleanup

Leaves are already beginning to turn and fall in some parts of the country. So, this article might be of interest to you.
Leaf raking can be a very profitable job for a lawn care business. However, be aware of some common traps in raking a customer’s lawn.
As Autumn draws on and the green [...]

Lawn Mower repair service marketing flyer

Thanks to Patrick for this great idea.
Lawn Mower Repair Flyer
You can put together a flyer you can use to find more work in the fall and winter. Consider included a coupon for a fall clean up with a mower maintenance. While you are fixing their mower, you might as well offer them a fall yard [...]

Marketing your lawn care business at a footrace?

Are you a runner or do you know someone who likes to run 5k races?
What if you hired them to do wear a green grass custom? Plenty of runners love to run in costumes, but how often do you see them promoting a business?

Then you could take pictures of the race and put it on [...]

BBQ to market your lawn care business?

What if you created a bbq trailer out of some 50 gallon barrels and made it available to your community for free?
How much could it possibly cost to put something like this together and then think to yourself how much good will would you create with it?
I think this is another idea that could make [...]

How to pre-qualify lawn care customers over the phone for your lawn care business.

How to pre-qualify lawn care customers over the phone for your lawn care business.
When you operate a lawn care business and market your business, you will gain new customers. Sifting through these potential lawn care customers to find which ones are right for your lawn care business is a very important process many new lawn [...]

GopherHaul 14 - Lawn Care Business Entrepreneur Show is online

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Show Part 1.

GopherHaul 14 Lawn Care Business Show Part 2.

Hello everyone and welcome to Gopherhaul!
If you don’t start your business this year, you’ll be at least 1 year older when you do so get started today!
Thanks for watching.
Our forum has just been jam packed with amazing business and marketing ideas [...]

One of the easiest yet most often overlooked way to acquire lawn care customers

Suggestions on buying lawn care customer accounts.
When you are trying to get your lawn care business to grow, there are many ways to gain new customers. A very simple yet often over looked method is to simply buy them from another lawn care operator. These ideas came from our Be A Lawn Care business Rebel [...]